“How do I import the demo data?”

This question applies to Blatantly: A Versatile Theme, Clearly: A Beautifully Simple Theme (Creative Market), Daily - A Beautiful WordPress Blog & Photo Theme, Designy: A Design Led Business WordPress Theme, Fixy: A Simple & Sexy Ghost Theme, Fixy: A Simple & Sexy WordPress Theme, Frankly: A Simple & Colourful Theme (Creative Market), Literary: A WordPress Blog Theme With A Twist, Lolly - A Sweet Little Theme, Moustachey: A Blog Theme With Extra Gusto, Moustachey: A Ghost Blog Theme With Extra Gusto, Nerdy: A WordPress Blog Theme, Nerdy: Simple And Responsive Ghost Theme, Only: A Personal Portfolio Theme, Pushy - A Bold & Creative Marketing WP Theme, Scruvely - A Typographic Business & Creative Theme and Widely - An Imagery Focused Blog & Portfolio Theme


When you install our theme you'll see that it is setup almost exactly like the demo site.

In the main zip download from ThemeForest you will find a folder called "Demo XML". 

Some of our themes do not have this yet, so if you don't have the file, raise a ticket and we'll send it.

In there you will find an XML file.

Go to your WordPress install and choose Tools > Import

and choose the option "WordPress"

You will then be presented with an overlay which will ask you to install the WordPress importer plugin

Click "Install Now"

Then "Activate Plugin & Run Importer"

Now choose your file by clicking on "Choose File" then follow the on screen prompts from there.