“How do I import the demo data?”

This question applies to Blatantly Theme (WordPress), Clearly Theme (WordPress), Daily Theme (WordPress), Designy Theme (WordPress), Fixy Theme (Ghost), Fixy Theme (WordPress), Frankly Theme (WordPress), Literary Theme (WordPress), Lolly Theme (WordPress), Moustachey Theme (WordPress), Moustachey Theme (Ghost), Nerdy Theme (WordPress), Nerdy Theme (Ghost), Only Theme (WordPress), Pushy Theme (WordPress), Scruvely Theme (WordPress) and Widely Theme (WordPress)


When you install our theme you'll see that it is setup almost exactly like the demo site.

In the main zip download from ThemeForest you will find a folder called "Demo XML". 

Some of our themes do not have this yet, so if you don't have the file, raise a ticket and we'll send it.

In there you will find an XML file.

Go to your WordPress install and choose Tools > Import

and choose the option "WordPress"

You will then be presented with an overlay which will ask you to install the WordPress importer plugin

Click "Install Now"

Then "Activate Plugin & Run Importer"

Now choose your file by clicking on "Choose File" then follow the on screen prompts from there.