“How do I translate the theme?”

This question applies to Blatantly Theme (WordPress), Cheeky Theme (WordPress), Clearly Theme (WordPress), Daily Theme (WordPress), Designy Theme (WordPress), Fixy Theme (WordPress), Format Theme (WordPress), Frankly Theme (WordPress), JRNY Theme (WordPress), Literary Theme (WordPress), Lolly Theme (WordPress), Moustachey Theme (WordPress), Nerdy Theme (WordPress), Oakleaze Theme (WordPress), Only Theme (WordPress), Preface Theme (WordPress), Pushy Theme (WordPress), Scruvely Theme (WordPress), Wharton Theme (WordPress) and Widely Theme (WordPress)


There is a .po and .mo file in the theme's languages folder, here is a step by step guide of how to translate...

1. Install latest version of the theme via WordPress > Updates

2. Connect to your server via FTP and navigate to /wp-content/themes/themename/languages/

3. Download default.po and / en_GB.po and en_GB.po

4. Make necessary changes to translations with Poedit ( by opening default.po / en_GB.po

5. Save off in correct language e.g. pt_ES.po

6. Upload .po and .mo to the same folder as in step 2

7. Edit your wp-config.php in the site root (please make a backup first)

8. Change the line define('WPLANG', ''); to your language file name (without the .po) e.g. define('WPLANG', 'pt_ES');

9. Upload/Save wp-config.php You should then be all translated, if you find any issues, please refer to this helpful YouTube video first: