Common Problems

Fonts or Colours aren't loading

We use dynamic cacheable CSS files called meanthemes-options.php, style.php and style-fonts.php to save your theme options and a dynamic PHP file to render your fonts. On rare occasions, some server setups have issues.

If you find your fonts or colour adjustments are not working, FTP to your WordPress installation where you are running the theme.

Go to /wp-content/themes/THEMENAME/ and right click on your "framework" folder and set the CHMOD to 755, click recursive and save. You will then have to wait for your FTP to update the folders, it usually takes around 2 minutes.

If that doesn't work you may have a hidden file prohibiting PHP from running. On your FTP client go to /wp-content/ and /wp-content/themes/ and check for a file called "htaccess".

If there is an .htaccess remove the following lines:

deny from all

Then save and upload file.

Blog page not showing Blog posts or broken pagination

We use a specific "Page - Blog layout" template for this theme, it does not need to be set as a static page. Make sure your blog page is set back to "Please select" from Settings > Reading.