Fatal error or blank white screen after updating to WordPress 4.6+

We were made aware of an error in our theme framework, used on the majority of our themes.

The error is caused by a generic function which WordPress has now included in its core files for 4.6.

This causes a fatal error, some people may see a post_thumbnail function warning, some users may see a blank white screen.

We have already fixed the issue and re-uploaded all affected themes to all the relevant marketplaces.

Hopefully you backed up your website before you updated to WP 4.6 (as it advises on the update screen), you can simply roll back to 4.5.x and then upload the theme via Appearance > Themes.

If you didn't back up you'll need to extract the zip and FTP/sFTP it up to your website.

Please go to the Downloads area of your marketplace where you will find the latest version of the theme.

If you are not seeing the latest update, just log a ticket and we'll send you the theme directly.

How do I FTP up my files?

1. Login to your website via FTP login using your FTP program e.g. FileZilla

2. navigate to wp-content/themes directory. Sometimes this will be within a "www" folder "site" folder or "public_html" folder

3. Delete your theme folder e.g. /wp-content/themes/fitly "fitly" < delete that folder

4. Now unzip the new version of theme you downloaded from the marketplace you purchased it from onto your Desktop. You then need to upload the entire theme folder via FTP to wp-content/themes/

5. Now refresh your website and you should see the new version of the theme running.